Director and conductor

Svetlana Vladimirovna Gorlach

Honoured Cultural Worker of Russia.
Was given the 2nd level award for «Great Achievements for Motherland».

Svetlana Vladimirovna Gorlach


40-th anniversary18 mar 2018

Upcoming event15 may 2018

Exemplary ensemble Choir Victoria

Director and conductor — Honoured Cultural Worker of Russia Svetlana Vladimirovna Gorlach

Concertmaster - Sergey Vladislavovich Zubkov

Choir Victoria started as Kids Choir Studio «Childhood» founded by Svetlana Gorlach in 1978 at the Palace of Culture of Automobile factory named after Lenin Comsomol. The students of that studio got a complete music education and studied such main subjects as Choir, Piano, Music Literature and Solfeggio.

The ensemble concert and tour life has been intense. In the late 80s of the 20th century the choir took part in various contests and festivals held in Russia and abroad. In that period the decision was taken to rename kids choir «Childhood» as Choir Ensemble «Victoria». In the early 90s the choir participated in the international contest Pueri Cantores held in Italy in Lekko and became its winner twice.


Since 1994 Svetlana Gorlach has been working with Choir Victoria in Kids Arts School named after Balakirev. At the moment Choir Victoria is one of the leading choir ensembles in Moscow. The choir is actively taking part in such great cultural educational projects of Kids Arts School named after Balakirev as Balakirev Project, opera performance «Knyaz Igor» by Borodin.

The choir organizes a number of choir concerts for kids in the south-east district of Moscow within the Kids Philharmonic project playing Russian and West European music.

Choir Victoria performs a lot of concert work. The ensemble has become a prize winner in many music festivals and contests in Moscow and participated in lots of Russian choir festivals.

виктория 3

Ensemble Victoria has performed many times at the international arena presenting Russian choir art:

  • 1987 — Saint Petersburg.
  • 1988 — Smolensk.
  • 1989 — Riga.
  • 1992 — Milan.
  • 1993 — Salzburg.
  • 2002 — World Choir Congress, Lyon (France).
  • 2003 — «Russian seasons in Paris» (France).
  • 2004 — International Choir Congress, Cologne (Germany).
  • 2005 — International Choir Contest in Bulgaria (Grand Prix and golden award «Golden Nightingale).
  • 2006 — World Choir Congress «Kids for peace», Rome, Vatican City (Italy).
  • 2006 — Kids Art Festival, presidential program «The year of Russia in China» (China).
  • 2006 — International Choir Contest in the name of Schubert, prize winner, Vienna (Austria).
  • 2007 — International Choir Congress dedicated to the Year of Russian Language in Paris (France).
  • 2008 — International Choir Festival, Belgrad, Noviy Sad (Serbia).
  • 2008 — tour in Slovakia, Hungary, Austria.
  • 2010 — International Choir Festival «Musical Florence» (Italy).
  • 2012 — International Choir Contest in Bulgaria (Grand-Prix).
  • 2013 — Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Science and Education of Bulgaria.
  • 2013 — Tour in Serbia.
  • 2014 — International Choir Festival in Bulgaria.
  • 2015 — International Choir Festival «Meetings at the Elbe» (Germany).
  • 2016 — International Choir Competition named after Schubert. Gold award.
  • 2017 — International Choir Contest «Rainbow». Gold award. (Saint Petersburg).

Many graduates of Choir Victoria continued and continue their education in Moscow music institutes such as: Moscow State Conservatoire, The Gnesins Russian Academy of Music, Moscow State Institute of Music named after Shnittke, Musical College named after the Gnessins, Moscow Pedagogical College and others.

Svetlana Gorlach is the President of Moscow Choirs Association, a member of the Committee of the International Union of Musical Statesmen, a member of the Executive Committee of Moscow Musical Society. In 2011 Svetlana Gorlach was given a 2nd level award by Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev for «Great Achievements for Motherland».